Shared, itinerant, exotic, sustainable and super-micro art fair.


Hit! SUPER-MICRO ART-FAIR – shared, itinerant, exotic, sustainable and super-micro art fair.

From an idea by Eva Oliveri and Giovanni Rizzuto, Hit ! is the itinerant micro-fair where private galleries invite and host in their spaces galleries from other cities, totally free of charge, in a perspective of exchange and sharing of spaces.

In Hit! the choice of galleries is based on relationships of mutual esteem and recognised quality work; for this reason, the invited galleries are given maximum freedom with no constraints on the choice of works and artists.

Hit! is a transversal project whose purpose is to promote art in a sustainable and relaxed way.


Hit! is sustainable; participation is free for the invited galleries and for visitors.


Hit! is shared; each participating gallery will be able to decide to organize Hit! in its own spaces – according to the organizational rules of Hit! – reciprocating the invitation to the host and hosting other galleries as well. The link of each new participating gallery will be added to the original list, creating a network of collaborations that will spread Hit! throughout the national and international bounderies.


Hit! intends to be an itinerant fair with changing venues and dates, depending on the host galleries; an exhibition format that allows galleries to reach different public in different cities – even far from what are considered the art capitals.


Hit! is exotic because it was born in Palermo and because it will take place, from time to time, in distant and different territories.
Hit! brings contemporary art to new audiences in various places hosting galleries from other cities or countries, potentially from all over the world.

Hit! is a RizzutoGallery Project


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